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Fuji Green Tea™ Refreshingly Purifying Shampoo 400 ml

$ 20.0

Hair. You cut it, curl it, twist it, twirl it, straighten it, blow dry it and maybe even colour it. For everything you put your hardworking hair through, our Fuji Green Tea™Refreshingly Purifying Shampoo is a nice little way to say thank you. It’s like a gentle hug for your hair and scalp, cleansing its way through a build-up of scuff and grease, leaving you with that invigoratingly fresh feeling and happier looking hair. Usually reserved for the contents of your favourite mug, Japanese green tea works wonderfully in our Fuji Green Tea™ shampoo. Our formula helps cleanse hair - just one of the many green tea benefits for hair Purifying Shampoo. It also helps to revitalise your hair so you can really give those locks some much-needed TLC. And since it’s enriched with honey, you’ll emerge from the shower with hair that feels clean and luxuriously soft. Ready to try The Body Shop’s green tea shampoo? You might just fall head over heels for it. A refreshing surprise for normal hair Helps to purify your scalp and invigorate your hair Enriched with Japanese green tea and honey Vegetarian Vegetarian