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Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo 400 ml

$ 20.0

Our Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo gently washes away loose flakes and helps soothe scalps. If you live in fear of loose flakes, this is the best shampoo for dry scalps and smells pleasantly – well, gingery. This shampoo has serious hype, but it works hard to earn it. We nabbed that gnarly, twisted root to formulate our bestselling anti-dandruff shampoo, whipping it up with a little birch bark extract, white willow bark extract and a dash of honey from Ethiopia. The bottom line? Healthy-looking hair starts with a healthy scalp. Double up on Ginger with our matching Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner to make peace with your scalp, for seriously swishable hair. Scalp care shampoo For dry, flaky scalps Helps your hair feel swishable Made with ginger essential oil from Sri Lanka and honey from Ethiopia Double up with our matching Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner