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Roots of Strength

Roots of Strength™ Firming Shaping Serum

$ 30.0

We’re not going to lie. Our Roots of Strength™ Firming Shaping Serum is not a ‘face-lift in a bottle’, nor is it a magic potion that can turn back time - but it can help your skin look and feel its best. Our Roots of Strength™ Serum will help mature skin feel firmer and energised in no time at all. This skin firming serum is inspired by nature and the wonders of Chinese medicine, containing ginger, spice and all-things-nice. That’s ginger, ginseng and ruscus root if you want to get specific. It’s also a face firming serum that’s enriched with soya oil, helping skin feel smoother and firmer and more refined. This spicy little number is part of our three-step routine to get you looking and feeling your best, and it goes something like this: after cleansing, activate your skin with our Roots of Strength™ Firming Shaping Essence Lotion, now give it a boost with this serum and finish off with our Roots of Strength™ Firming Shaping Day Cream. Used daily, this dream team will help you discover skin that feels firmer, plumper, denser, as if reshaped. Maybe it’s magic after all? Made with 99% ingredients of natural origin Enriched with three root extracts: ginger, ginseng and ruscus and soya oil Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles Skin feels firmer and looks more plump