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Vitamin E

Vitamin E Eye Cream

$ 16.0

This refreshing, hydrating tube of nourishment leaves your peepers feeling perfectly pampered. When you think about it, the eyes have a pretty tough job. Constantly blinking, helping us snooze and even helping us express emotions - a smile wouldn’t be a smile without them! And since the skin around our eyes is uber-delicate, there’s even more reason to give them some extra special moisturising care. Enter the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Eye Cream. With a creamy, luxurious formula enriched with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, our Vitamin E Eye Cream helps you on your way to bright-eyed perfection. It’s a bestseller in The Body Shop’s Eye Cream range for a very good reason. This iconic formula helps the skin around your eyes feel smoother, more supple and also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s like a wonderland of refreshment for tired eyes too. Hey there, bright eyes. For every day and every skin type Enriched with vitamin E and biofermented hyaluronic acid Iconic eye cream in our bestselling skincare range